June 2, 2020

01 Wicked Witch of the West...Or The East?

01 Wicked Witch of the West...Or The East?

In this episode of the Wine Club Posse, we talk about heath insurance tips, Tiger King and scary movies. The Wine Club Posse,  a group of friends that gather and drink a different bottle of wine each week and talk about the absurdity of life.

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In this episode of the Wine Club Posse, we talk about heath insurance tips, Tiger King and scary movies. 

Wine of the Week (WOW) – from the Robert Hall winery. We drank a  Cabernet Sauvignon; vinatge 2016
·      We talked about the train wreck of Tiger King – after you binge this on Netflix, don’t forget to watch the bonus episode.  And can you get Carol Baskin’s voice out of your head?
·      We talked about the crazy cost of medicine.  But Josh told us to always look at  Good RX for better prices for our meds and he explained that yes, sometimes doctors get kickback from meds.  Kudos to Sara for telling us that you can buy Epiduo over the counter, and her shout-out for La Roche Posay.  Josh enlightened us to the fact that pharmacies don’t all pay the same for the drugs they buy so be sure to check your insurance company website to find best prices.
·      Sara showed some love for the band The Who but then figured out Josh wasn’t talking music at all.  Do you know what the WHO stands for? 
We talked about traumatic movies as a kid.
·      The monkeys of Wizard of Oz, and how we are all confused as to where the witch lives.
·     The Bad Seed.  Original 1956, black and white version. 
·      The Exorcist – and Josh’s visit to the home where the story of Robert Mannheim
·      of Georgetown.
Other things mentioned…
·      Mary’s shout out to a physical therapists that specialized in woman’s health and much more – If you are local to Charlotte, NC check out: Grow PT Charlotte if you’re local to the area follow her on Instagram for some great exercises and advice @dr.anniehen
·      HGTV – Mary’s claim to fame where she starred in My First Sale. https://www.hgtv.com/shows/my-first-sale/episodes/staging-transformation
·      The Whites of West Virginia https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1396227/
·      Mind Eraser Shots  - I Think my mind was erased a few times during 1985-1989 with these… but go ahead and give them a try.  https://www.absolutdrinks.com/en/drinks/mind-eraser/