The Wine Club Posse began in 2016.  3 couples that got together monthly to taste different wines and enjoy a meal together.  We weren't wine connoisseurs (and still aren't).  When we began, we thought that we would be, but we just had too much fun and laughter happening to ever get really serious.  

Come up on 2020, 3 of the Wine Club Posse decided to start a podcast. We thought we were hilarious, maybe others would too.  So here we are....and someday we really do hope to learn more about the wine.  But we will always give you a yay or nay on the bottle we've been drinking.


The Co-Hosts

This is Mary..... I grew up with great bagels, great bakeries, amazing delis and fabulous pizza in Baldwin (Long Island),NY.   I ventured off to college at St. Bonaventure University, and then went to work for a bank on the foriegn currency desk in NYC.  I then followed a guy down to Atlanta GA.  That didn’t work out but I did meet Jim down there.  We moved up north a bit to Maryland.  After a brief stint there and 2 kids later they planted in Charlotte NC. It was here that I, using my aggressive Long Island ways basically attacked Sara and forced her to be my BFF.   I am thankful each and every day that Sara opened up just a crack and let me into her life. (Or maybe it was the fact that I don't give up).  20+ years later I still love to drink wine, listen to Sara’s sarcasm - add in Josh’s quick-witted humor and the Wine Club Posse podcast was born.  
This is Sara.... I grew up in Bowie, MD (go O’s!).  I was good at math so I went to UVA for engineering.  I skipped classes and partied too hard.  Without great GPA....I didn't get a great job.  I thought it made perfect sense to go back to school to get another degree I wasn’t going to use (Statistics).  But luckily, I met Chris (working at a bar – again not using that degree).  3 kids later, I live in Charlotte, NC.  I was quarantining before that was a thing (social anxiety) until Mary accosted me at the gym and the rest is history.  I went go on to worship and adore Mary and start a business with her. Finally, a year ago, my love of sarcasm would pay off as I convinced my neighbor, Josh and my BFF, Mary to start a podcast about nothing (Seinfeld reference anyone?). And you’re correct, I am married to the world-famous tax attorney, Chris Jones.
This is Josh....I grew up in Park Falls, WI.  It’s a town of a couple thousand people in Northern Wisconsin.  Yes, the state famous for brats, cheese and beer.  I'm avid Packers, Brewers and Badgers fan (to the point of being psychotic).  After graduation from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire I moved to Minneapolis.  One day, while in the management training program for the company I was working for in 1994, the training manager asked me if I had a choice, would I move to Baltimore, MD or Charlotte, NC?  I said Charlotte, NC.  The manager promptly said, “well good, you’re moving there next week”.  I met my wife, Barbara (also a world-famous attorney), when she called me an “asshole” at a party in 1995.  We were married in 1999 and now have two teenage boys (16 & 19).  It’s become a tradition for the Wine Club Posse families to get together on Christmas Eve each year where they basically celebrate Jesus’ birth, drink good alcohol, eat good food and then I (usually half in the bag by then) closes the night by reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to everyone in attendance.