May 1, 2021

WCPP and want to end Human Trafficking

WCPP and want to end Human Trafficking

Help us work to the end of human trafficking.  The Wine Club Posse Podcast wanted to give back to a worthy cause and what better way to do it than to embarrass Josh (as his that hair and beard he's been sporting isn't embarrassment enough).  Mary came up with the idea of getting our "people" to donate money for the opportunity to vote on a weird beard style that Josh will shave his beard into.  At first - Josh said no way. But it did not take very long for him to get on board for the cause.


Three things we'd love for you to do.  

One, click here to visit our fundraising page.  Make a donation and in the message box put the # of the beard style you want to vote for.

Two, visit to learn more about this type of slavery that exists all around us.  See other ways you can help.

Three, continue (or start) to listen to us because we love doing this podcast.  Email us and let us know what you think or tell us a crazy story that we can talk about!