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Totally Relatable!
Three friends, sitting around trying to learn a little about wine and laughing about day to day life. Totally relatable and very funny. No snobby Oenology here....just real people having fun while they share some wine and their thoughts. Try it - you just might learn along with them!

Funny and totally relatable
Stumbled upon this podcast and am so glad I did. It’s easy listening for sure. Funny and relatable. Find myself in the same situations as they talk about all the time. If you’re looking for talk and laughs like normal people experience, this is the podcast for you.

Had to review!
Love this so much! I listened on Spotify and I had to come to iTunes to give it 5 stars and say how much I love it.

DIdn’t See That Coming
Wasn’t such what to expect but they are really good! Great chemistry - very funny. Perfect podcast length as well!

My kind of Posse.
No, not old west, just good folks talking about wine. The audio quality is good, and makes you wish you were in on this posse!

I lost my podcast virginity to Josh!
I have never listened to a podcast but having recently connected with my long-time friend Josh I’m so happy to say that I am no longer a virgin to the podcast world. I find this podcast to be so funny! I love it and you should give it a listen even if you don’t like wine!

I love this podcast and I never listen to podcasts so def listen to it if you wanna laugh! WE WANT MERCH

Literally hillarious
The 3 of these guys are literally so funny!!! As a fellow wine drinker, I love to learn all about the new types that I hadn’t been exposed to prior. And their HUMOR!!! OH MY GOD!!!! They legit make me laugh out loud every time I tune in, and they are the highlight of my Wednesday. Thank you blessing us wine gods.

Must listen!
Great listen during quarantine! 5 star!!

These three are hysterical together! Listening to them interact with one another makes you feel like you’re sitting there with them. The podcast has good content and is relatable. They also provide new and interesting information lol. 5 STARS!

Fun group with great content
These people are great! real people talking about real things. I don’t learn much about wine, but they are entertaining enough for me to overlook it!